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For Caser Seguros we have developed their brand communication strategy of their website and social networks. We also worked in the implementation of this strategy via the creation of web contents. The aim of this project is to place is the user in the centre of the communication, to make insurance’s products understandable for their target audience.

This implies a great work that includes: identify user’s concerns before taking out insurance, with the objective of answer these questions through useful contents in the website; filter the information of each Caser’s business unity so as to detect the most suitable sales’ arguments; identify the most appropriate content’s formats to make information attractive and didactic, and, finally, compose the copies. All of this is made with a strict quality control coordinate with the technical teams of each Caser’s areas.


This content’s reorientation exercise has been coordinated with the Elogia’s SEO expert’s team and Caser’s, in order to keep contents optimized in the website and they get to attract the largest number of potential customers.

For Caser, we have not only worked in content marketing, we have also worked in their organic positioning in Health and Home products. In addition, we have carried out their migration from the old site to the new one. The new site has an improved navigation structure and a more up-to-date design. The main goals were oriented to organic traffic improvement and to minimize the possible effect of a migration in search results’ visibility.

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In the first part of the project, which was related with home and health insurances’ products, it was proposed a keywords’ strategy and a series of optimizations in order to engage the biggest possible quantity of traffic. In addition to that, so as to improve visibility, actions of Content Linking about particular keywords were devised. These actions helped to climb positions in search engines’ rankings.

Meanwhile, main’s site migration planning began, auditing all the content created in recent years and preparing all the needed documents to have the less impact. Content inventories were made, recommendations about the new structure were also made, they created the sitemap, robots.txt and redirecting archives needed so that everything went right. In the project’s global planning each step was specified, and a process’ constant control and tracking was made among the team of Caser, paying particular attention to the crucial point of site’s change.

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