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+173% monthly users

+11.000 followers in Social Networks

+38% annual leads


Marketing4eCommerce is an online magazine specialised in marketing for e-commerce. Via [su web], more than 60,000 monthly unique users, receive the latest news of the Spanish and international Ecommerce sector. Users can also get news of the digital marketing giants and take part with their reviews’ comments about online shops. Furthermore, Marketing4eCommerce’s website has become a benchmark point to know the main sector executive’s views.


It was born in 2012 and it did not stop growing and evolving. They expanded and got to Mexico, where they also have a paper magazine, and Colombia, whose website was launched during the second term of 2016. Marketing4eCommerce has an active presence in the social networks, from which ones they disseminate their contents and they take part in the main discussions about marketing and e-commerce sectors.

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They have more than 22,000 followers divided between the different social networks of the Spanish, Mexican and Colombian versions. That is why, Marketing4eCommerce has decided to use formats like Youtube videos or streaming via Periscope or Facebook Live, so as to reach their readers. In addition, Marketing4eCommerce has its own app for iOS and Android.