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Orangina Schweppes is the company engaged in the manufacturing of tonic and other drinks like Tónica Schweppes, Trina, Sunny or La Casera. The company was in a turning point, steeped in a focus’ change and a rebranding in some of its brands: Trina, Sunny and La Casera (looking for a profile change, a rebranding…).

Apart from that, the company has been working for years in digital strategies, but they needed to understand the impact their actions were having, both online and offline world, in a digital context.

Each brand’s promotional system was different; consequently, we have to stablish which was the correct mechanic or promotion for each collective, for each brand, and when to put it into operation.


We analysed conversation in the social media, in order to know what is been said in a digital context, distinguishing:

  •       Who was generating conversations: comments’ authors (child audience vs. adult audience).
  •       Where this communications were having place: in which social platform.

·       What is been said: with a feeling analysis.

Do you want your company to become a successful case?


Thanks to this analysis, our client could adapt the messages in the different channels, according to the audience, to each of them: choosing campaigns with youtubers and influencers for the young audience, while in adults’ channels they decided to use humour with double meaning or related with how hard is to be parent.

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