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Corporate Lab

Corporate LAB was born to fulfil your company’s needs, in a market in which processes, strategies and even products are always changing. We validate business models for your company. We execute and leader them.

Digital strategy consulting

From Corporate LAB, as a part of our digital strategy consulting, we help you to validate new business models that allow you to innovate. We will sit down with you and your team, we will analyse competitors and international start-ups to identify new disruptive and innovative business opportunities.

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Your Digital Value Chain

Using lean methodologies, we will develop a business plan and a minimum viable product (MVP) in order to obtain the KPIs needed to quickly validate the opportunity.

With the opportunity validated we will work to continue iterating and improving the results, for trespassing it to you when it is ready. That is to say, we will design a digital value chain, a methodology in which we will create online business channels for your company.

What our clients say about us – Raquel Folch

“As a brand we do know the goals and challenges we face – it is the utmost perfect execution we sometimes lack. The Elogia team has tagged along us with the ongoing work of implementign our digital strategy in a complex and restrictive market such as the pharmaceutical sector. Steady steps, consistency and – above all – enthusiasm about growing our brands working with a strong team”

Raquel Folch Brand Manager at Zambon