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What is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is the implementation of communication and advertising strategies that take place in the digital media. Traditional marketing is focused on the Off-line world, but all these techniques are led to the online world giving life to Digital Marketing.

There is a before and after in Digital Marketing after Social Networks’ appearance. Before their emergence and adaptation by all the society, brands did not talk with users. There was a unilateral communication that nowadays seems to be impossible. The brand used to create a website with its catalogue, explaining its product, with information about their location and little more. There was not interaction between the brand and the user, questions or online complaints were not shared. Social Networks’ seed were forums. In this environment, users could share their concerns, doubts about any product or complaints. Was in that moment when we started to manage brands’ communication in environments that required empathy with an angry consumer, a user or client who needed to clarify doubts or a potential client that looked for information about any concrete product.

Soon after, social networks developed. First Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti… Since this moment emerges the possibility to start a conversation between the brand and the user. Talk one to one, share information, interests, etc. This situation does not have anything to do with the past of Digital Marketing.


At the beginning digital media marketers were very similar to those in the traditional marketing. There were large publishing groups and content pages like Terra, which commercialize with banners in their webs. Little by little concern about a new player grew; Google and Yahoo were gaining each time greater presence and budget in digital marketing plans. There were different formats: interstitials, rectangles, banner, super banner, skyscraper…and sponsored links. Spaces with contents matching with the site’s contents were commercialized. It was taken for granted that if a user was reading news about cars it will be interested in that topic and insurance and dealer salesmen could occupy those spaces. Was it like this how it was born the interests’ advertising?

As time goes by the need of sending offers to your users or contents matching with their needs emerged and that was how the first email marketing tools showed up. This way, door-to-door entered the digital marketing. In this line, web portals sold spaces in promotional emails of site’s BBDDs. Travel portals offered you flights and at the same time you could find a Turgalicia banner.

The following most remarkable thing was the multiple ways to combine these formats with strategies like retargeting, lookalike, etc. These techniques lead out to the wonderful world of real time bidding. With Real Time Bidding we can purchase spaces that would only impact the important audience in real time. This way, the advertising based on cracking nuts with sledgehammers, and advertising is segmented, optimizing a lot more digital marketing’s budgets than traditional marketing ones. 

We concentrate the history in a much summarised way, but in Elogia we know it very well and detailed. We understand digital marketing as part of our DNA. Our own methodology is constantly evolving and adapting to the market, to our clients’ and their clients’ needs.


The possibility to make a real and immediate measurement is the main benefit that makes digital marketing gain ground versus the traditional or offline. Being able to launch a campaign and know how many sales supply each advertising piece, what time and which day work better, which colour, which text. These data’s richness make digital marketing profitable and make able trial and error avoiding it.

Another benefit is to have the opportunity to launch a campaign in any part of the world with a very affordable cost and without noticing it.

Pieces’ and media’s costs are very affordable and there are multiple tools focused on working your campaign’s ROI.

The multiple ways to purchase: Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Cost per Mille (CPM), Revenue (sale’s percentage)…allow to adapt your needs each platform or channel.


In Elogia, we understand Digital Marketing based on the user’s Conversion Funnel. Inside this funnel, the user goes by different stages, from being a stranger to become a prescriber. In order to reach this, we need to impact them with different techniques, strategies, channels and formats.

Elogia’s internal organisation is based on different areas, which coordinate channels and strategies, to produce sales to our clients.

Are you interested in our services of Digital Marketing?

Through the following Digital Marketing areas and disciplines, we boost funnel’s completion:


Through monitoring, listening, web analysis, market studies and more than 10 years of experience in the area of Market Intelligence, had made it a basic pillar for the decision making. You will be wrong if you predict but you do not measure. That is why an efficient management and integration give data relevant information focused on your campaigns’ and business’ success.


Relational marketing basically consists on creating, reinforcing and keeping the relationships between the companies and their clients. From “client transaction – company” to the relationship “brand – user” in the online channel. Its main goal is to keep solid and durable relationships with the clients. The appropriate message, in the perfect moment and through the expected channel, is the key to success in this area.


With a performance experience of more than 10 years, Paid Media in Elogia is only understood as media planning focused on sales’ creation through the digital channel. Our performance DNA makes creating business the only goal of your campaigns.


Gaining traffic for your web is only a part of the job. In Elogia, we think that what is really important is not how many visits receives your web, but those that make any conversion in it. Our mission is to increase your conversion fees through our knowledge and the use of sophisticated tools present in the market.