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Paid Media

We understand Paid Media as the media planning directed to create sales. This service includes everything known as Paid Media or PPC, but with a difference: we manage the means under a technological cover. Thanks to this cover we streamline your campaigns until we achieve the minimum possible CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

We take performance marketing to the extreme. To get a maximum optimization in our clients’ budgets, we use a technological cover, which analyses in real time more than 300 million of products. Our work is not only to implement your campaigns, we go further. Through a rigorous collection of DATA and a perfect information interpreting we optimize your campaigns based on your competitors’ prices, stock-outs, your competitors’ promotions, weather conditions, offline campaigns organisation…

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Elogia’s Paid Media team is formed by professionals from different countries with wide performance experience. Native professionals and bilinguals in 5 languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Certified by Google in Adwords and DBM (Doubleclick Bid Manager).

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What our clients say about us – Raquel Folch

“As a brand we do know the goals and challenges we face – it is the utmost perfect execution we sometimes lack. The Elogia team has tagged along us with the ongoing work of implementign our digital strategy in a complex and restrictive market such as the pharmaceutical sector. Steady steps, consistency and – above all – enthusiasm about growing our brands working with a strong team”

Raquel Folch Brand Manager at Zambon