Who are we? ⊛ Digital marketing with Elogia

Who are we? WE ARE

Elogia we are a digital marketing agency. We are the first one in Spain to be specialised on Digital Commerce Marketing since 1999, and as a 100% digital agency, we have helped producing several tens of millions of euros of turnover to our clients.

An specialised agency in “Digital Commerce Marketing” and you wil ask what this means…

We always talk about eCommerce Marketing or Marketing for eCommerce, but always using the concept eCommerce in a very broadly sense. That is to say, use the online channel to sell, even if you are not an eCommerce in stricto sensu. We consider that we make eCommerce Marketing for lots of clients, but maybe most of them do not feel identify with the concept eCommerce, so that is why we found the concept Digital Commerce Marketing, which we think it defines us better.

Gartner defines it in the following lines: “Digital commerce marketing involves using digital marketing technology, techniques and channels, such as digital ads, email, search, mobile and social marketing, along with data-driven insight and digital content, to achieve commerce objectives, such as revenue and profitability. But, digital commerce is bigger and broader than just an e-commerce site. It includes the numerous channels, data inputs and content outputs and requires marketers be adept at using technology to orchestrate multichannel commerce experiences.”.

To sum up, in Elogia, what we do is to use the digital channels to help our clients to sell, no matter if it is 100% online, starts online and ends up offline, even if it is 100% offline. No matter how offline is our client, his clients are present in the digital environment. What makes us differentiate from the others is that, for us, our measure KPI in digital channels is the sale, even if it no ends up in it.
In Elogia, we have a partner’s relationship with our clients; we understand their business and marketing needs, in order to offer them solutions regarding their expectations. Adapted to any of the goals included in the process of online shopping, our actions are: create traffic, capture records, stimulate purchase willingness, cause a direct sale or work on loyalty.

Our essential bids, as a digital marketing agency, are results and innovation. Results, because of their strong commitment in campaign’s measure and to satisfy tangible goals. And innovation because it is necessary in order to achieve success in this environment. The market poses us needs, which we have to cover, that is why we have developed technologic solutions, including: own execution, analyse and campaigns tracking platforms.

Our team is composed by professionals with specialised knowledge of each possible are of online marketing: SEM, SEO, Display, Social Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, including CRM. All this specialities are under the services of Market Intelligence, Corporate Labs (strategy digital consulting), Paid Media and Inbound Marketing, and allocated in between our offices in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Vigo) and the one in Mexico (Mexico City).

Furthermore, we are proud to be a member of the first VIKO, Group specialised in Digital Commerce Marketing.