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Corporate Lab

Corporate LAB was born to fulfil your company’s needs, in a market in which processes, strategies and even products are always changing. We validate business models for your company. We execute and leader them.

Market Intelligence

Extract, analyse and take advantage of all the data related with the market and the client have become a key factor for success. Working with integrated data guarantees a better performance of the strategy.

Social Media & Content

A team with wide experience in Social & Content Marketing, that has worked with more than 500 social profiles from different clients simultaneously (and increasing!). Moreover, we have started up more than 1,000 different revitalization actions in the different social platforms.A sure winner if you are looking for an experienced team on working daily in Social Media Marketing.

CRM Marketing

Attract and retain customers through content’s power. Work on social media strategies and position always focused on results.

Paid Media

We optimize all the media to help you selling. Our extensive Know How in performance endonrses our experience reaching KPIs, and teh tools used assure perfection in decision making.

Inbound Marketing

Attract and retain customers through content’s power. Work on social media strategies and position always focused on results.

Conversion Rate optimization

CRO studies users’ behaviour and improves your web performance. CRO works to improve visits’ performance based on conversions.


In this page you will find all the contents that does our team in all the different Digital Marketing disciplines. You can download for free Whitepapes, eBooks, guides, templates, computer graphics and more. Enjoy our content!

What our clients say about us – Raquel Folch

“As a brand we do know the goals and challenges we face – it is the utmost perfect execution we sometimes lack. The Elogia team has tagged along us with the ongoing work of implementign our digital strategy in a complex and restrictive market such as the pharmaceutical sector. Steady steps, consistency and – above all – enthusiasm about growing our brands working with a strong team”

Raquel Folch Brand Manager at Zambon

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