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+200.000 interactions in a year

+85.000 achieved fans in 2015

+26MM in a year views achieved 


Fira Barcelona is the exhibition institution of Barcelona and one of the most important in Europe. Some of the most highlighted shows are the Mobile World Congress, Smart City Expo World Congress or the Barcelona Bridal Week, among others.

We started with them in 2010 and nowadays we already manage almost all the social networks of their own shows (more than 20 per year). This implies the work of a great team, very diverse and trained of professionals with knowledge in very technical topics so as to keep up with Fira’s shows quality. They have to take care of every detail in their networks and work on strategies in them, not only focused on the end user, but also in each sector professionals’ B2B environment.


We literally are their Social Media team, with 4 implants and a group of more than 10 Community Managers for their service. We are in charge of all kind of things related with social communication, from strategy definition and creative ideas to their implementation, live coverage, podcasts creation, branded content campaigns, video streamings…

Do you want your company to become a successful case?


The main goals are branding and engagement creation with the communities to keep their audiences’ attention during the periods between shows, and to create traffic to the websites as an opportunity to sell.

Thanks to our specialised team, and our knowledge of B2B environment and end user in the digital world we have obtained improvements of more than the 30% of the KPIs in the year 2015, regarding the previous one.