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Relational Plan

+8M Analysed users

+6% active users

The brewing group Mahou San Miguel, owner of many beer brands and other products, is mired in a digital transformation in which one they want to put the consumer in the centre of their business. The digital leg is an important tool and until now it was not unified. So far, each of them had gathered information from different resources and they wanted the user to have a unique experience, giving them the opportunity to register in a single platform where all the information of the different brands is concentrated. Is easy for new users, but for already registered users an intern work was required.

The main goal of the group was to stablish a communication with the user/consumer, and to this effect it was important to know the consumption they have. So that is why a pin codes (unique alphanumeric codes in the packages) system was settled in. Once the consumer has entered the codes in the system, the user will receive cumulative points to have access to different promotions (draws, presents…).

Each brand has its own promotional system, so we had to devise which was the proper promotion for each collective, each brand and when to settle in.


Analysing the different information sources, we unify different data base in one, so as to have access to a centralized information system with unified data for all the brands. For that purpose, we had an analysis’ first stage of the different data base to discriminate the data we wanted to keep in the new CRM and which values were valid (purification was required).

Additionally, the base is enriched through external information, e.g. social networks’ information.

In a second stage, according to the business goals, key indicators were defined so as to see how users interact with the brand; and we identified segments based in their participation in promotions.

In parallel, we gave support during the implementation of SalesForce and automated reporting generation inside the platform, as well as in shipment’s setting up based on the own CRM’s information.

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Embed all the information in a single tool allows to see how users interact with the organisation in a digital context, understand how they are, how they increment or cut down participation, which promotions are working better and how to reach a solid and growing users’ mass.

With all this information, brands define a proper digital marketing strategy, that allow to build links between consumers with more relevant contents for them, leveraged in the company’s strategy.