Carrefour | Elogia

+250 analysed communications to produce the competence benchmark

+50MM Billions of sent communications

+30% increase in the number of sent communications in the same period but more efficiently

A leading company in food distribution like Carrefour, needed to audit and streamline its strategy in digital communication via emailing, one of the most relevant channels for the company. Its shipping tool was not fulfilling its expectations in the campaigns’ management and costumers’ shipping, regarding the company’s needs.

Additionally, the brand wanted to know: what was its situation in relation to the competence, and which ones were the best practices in the sector in order to send emails. We had put special focus in this part.


Via the analysis of the Newsletters sent during 2015 for Carrefour, we have obtained relevant information for each business unit, identifying the most relevant metrics. These were: which newsletters had better click and open rates (and which ones the worst). Obtaining this relevant information allowed us to identify which were the To Do’s that the brand should implement for each business unit: optimization by subject, by content, by moment of the day, of the week, etc.

Apart from that, analysing the direct and non-direct competence shipments, we extract relevant information for the company’s posts volume, html design …even products’ typology. This benchmark was completed with the Best Practices of other brands that were not competence, but that knew how to exploit the potential of email shipments. With all this information, Carrefour was able to know which the current situation was.

Meanwhile audits are taking place; we are managing Carrefour’s email shipments and taking part in the migration process. That is why we had to identify the key variables of its previous tool, Mailsolution, that must be introduced in the new one (CCMP).

Do you want your company to become a successful case?


Thanks to our conclusions, Carrefour has a reliable information provider regarding to which are the shipment practices that better results produce.

Migration process was completed successfully, without concerning weekly shipments’ activity.