Oxfam Intermon ⊛ Digital marketing case studies by Elogia



-71,67% Website weight

96/100 in Google PageSpeed

+190% Global Conversion Rate



Oxfam Intermón, our client, actively reports unfair, poverty and inequity situations through signature collection campaigns. Its main goal was to maximize results with the resources that they already have, and under this premise it was detected that:

  •       Progressive increase of the % in mobile traffic over the total.
  •       Signature conversion rate in mobile environments.

·       Mobile score of 60/100 in Google PageSPeed.


Our CRO’s team main objective was to improve the signature conversion rate in landing pages, so as to record a bigger signature volume with the same effort / received traffic. Due to the progressive rise of mobile traffic received, we focused in the site’s usability in mobile devices, in order to improve the user’s experience and to rise the lead conversion rate thanks to load’s optimization.

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The aspect that could contribute with a greater conversion improvement was the page loading speed. That is why, through the analysis of these signature petition forms and the need to change in short-term, we took the decision of making a first change in an effort-reward matrix. With our conclusion, we decided to clone the structure and content of the current landing page, and to develop a new version in AMP.

Once we developed the variant version for one of the landings, an A/B advertisement rotation testing was implemented against control version, in order to measure its effectiveness before developing the rest landings in AMP.

At the end of the A/B testing, the variant version was the winner, tripling mobile conversion rate and engaging three times more with the same effort.



conversion rate in mobile

points of bounce rate


reduction on speed index