Plátano Melón ⊛ Digital marketing case studies by Elogia



+42% in sales in 3 months

-21% CPA

+29% ROAS


Platanomelón, is an adults’ products e-commerce, which counts with an own brand of erotic toys, and started to invest in Google AdWords in October 2014 so as to boost their online sales. Elogia started working with Platanomelón in 2017 with a very clear aim: increase their sales from campaigns without damaging advertising’s investment profit.


Platanomelón decided to commit in Elogia the management of the campaigns after they have been working with another agency and they do not obtain the expected goals. Our work started with the campaign’s manual optimization, removing non relevant traffic attraction and focusing the investment in those searches with a better performance. The first step was to work with the structure and manage the keywords to attract relevant traffic. The second one was to start optimizing bids, at campaign level, to achieve the aimed CPA keeping sales volume. Meanwhile, so as to grow, we centred in a relevant traffic attraction strategy by increasing the number of keywords to achieve new users with a high conversion capability.


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The challenge was not an easy one, but in only 3 months of integral campaign management, Elogia obtain an increase in the campaign of the 42% in sales, reducing CPA (cost per sale) in a 20.6% and improving ROAS in a 29%.

Elogia optimized results from already active campaigns and launched new ones to attract relevant traffic, and from the second managing month, they have already doubled sales and revenues’ volume, while reducing CPA an 11%.


sales volume in 2 months


clients’ CPA

sales volume in 2 months

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