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+180% of ROAS

+40% conversions in new buyers

100% impression share for online supermarket queries


Ulabox, well-known as Antisuper, is the first market that is purely online. They have been pioneers in Spain with the selling of fresh products. Anti-trolleys, anti-queues, anti-bag carrying and anti-every inconvenience that bring the market. Ulabox, positions as the Antisuper born to facilitate user’s life with time and money saving.

Their goal was to attract new buyers only in those geographical areas with more power in business growth. That is why they entered this world with a close consignment in online investment and bounded purchasing costs.


So as to achieve the needed volume in a limited geographical area, under the stated CPA goal, we implement a really aggressive performance strategy.

The strategy is mainly based in Search and segmented shopping by postal code, and achieving the first positions for keywords with a high CR. In order to boost its notoriety, we made a Reach campaign through Facebook with postal code segmentation and adapting copies regarding their function (e.g. when it was raining we update ads with the inconveniences of going to the supermarket when raining). We guarantee and adequate customization for each moment and user. As the last strengthening point of the global strategy, we use segmented campaigns all over Spain, so as to drive up: email marketing, display, couponing, and dynamic retargeting. These campaigns allowed us to achieve a very competitive CPM.

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The previous financial years, before they started working with us, they did big investments on TV, Radio and Exterior in their greatest areas of influence (Barcelona’s Metropolitan Area and Madrid), where they sell fresh products of the day and closeness. Only one month after starting with our campaign and strategy, Ulabox, achieved with us the same volume that in the previous TV and offline media campaigns. They did it, but with and investment of the 10% of the previous campaign’s cost. A total success!



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