Peugeot ⊛ Digital marketing case studies by Elogia


Social Media & Content

+38,000 new followers

+200% increment in leads generated from social traffic

+41% increment in interactions on social content


Peugeot is a leading brand with more than 200 years of history. The brand is specialised in manufacturing passengers’ cars, commercial vehicles, motor sport, scooters and mobility services such as cars and bikes renting. Its aim is to increase vehicle sales so the brand has bet for taking advantage of social networks’ potential as reach and conversation creator channel. Peugeot has integrated in its strategy and continues moving forward with Elogia.

We are a specialised agency in services’ optimization to obtain the best results. That is why we have started up a social profiling project for the brand, to get the most from the community in social networks, in order to achieve and efficient communication and a better engagement through knowing the user.


Elogia is the one who manages Peugeot’s RRSS. Our main goal was to make grow their community and to be able to capitalize it by developing content for social networks focused on engagement and performance goals. With this goal, we also manage events (online and offline) by thinking and creating invigoration actions in RRSS and contacting with influencers. Another of our main KPIs was to achieve qualified visits to the brand’s digital assets from social media context. RRSS are a channel with great potential for the brand in the user’s customer journey, interested in buying a vehicle. That is why we have worked with the brand so as to make the most from the brand’s loyalty community in RRSS, with a more efficient communication (more user’s knowing = bigger personalisation level = more engagement).

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During 2018 the brand has been present in different events, like its engagement in the Dakar, in which one the brand achieved to reach more than 4.5 million of users through Facebook and more than 3.8 million feelings in Twitter. Apart from invigorating actions through online media during the Open Banc Sabadell, in which one it was launched a contest that gathered more than 370 participations in days, reaching around 100 thousand different profiles.

The monthly activity of the brand is also focused on give visibility to the different Peugeot models, and to boost new releases, always encouraging the users to try them.


monthly analysed queries through social media


increase in social traffic sessions

users in Facebook