Camaloon ⊛ Digital marketing case studies by Elogia


Paid Media

+61% increase in web conversions in web

190% value increase in conversion

-10% of CPO (Cost Pero Order)


Since its foundation in Reus, in 2007, Camaloon has been manufacturing and customizing enormous volumes of high quality products. Currently, they forward to the entire globe, and they have reached the first position in its European market.

From cups to vinyl stickers, magnets or t-shirts, Camaloon products continue spreading at light speed, thanks to the constant innovation and their goal of facilitating customization for everybody.


It is said that time flies, and it is true! It has been more than 2 years since Elogia started working with Camaloon, but it seems to be yesterday when they knocked our door with their objective: increase the First Time Buyers’ volume both in B2B and B2C. During this time we have been working side by side.

For that purpose we have count with a great team of native SEM Specialists, of each country in which ones Camaloon has presence. These experts have worked in each international campaign and strategy focusing on the return on investment (ROI).

Do you want your company to be a successful case?


Global strategy covered actions in Adwords and Bing with Display, Remarketing, RRLSA and DSA campaigns. The truth is that results did not take long to come! Thanks to this mixture of platforms, creativities, formats, conversion volumes increase a 61% in only a year of campaign. But this was not the most relevant KPI. This increase in orders came along an increase in the global conversion value of +190%.

This correct and efficient implementation and optimization of the new international campaigns gave Camaloon an increase of the 14% in conversion fee, respecting the ROI’s campaign goals, and a significant decline of the 10% of Cost Per Order.



conversion fee




in campaign’s volume clicks