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IAB Social Network’s Researches

+7 years analysing the evolution in social networks in Spain

+9.000 surveys conducted

+200.000 views of Slideshare of the last research

IAB Spain (Interactive Advertisign Bureau) is the association of advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain. Their main goal is to promote the digital business that is why their structured is formed by commissions of companies with common interests, which cover different areas of the digital business.

Therefore, among their objectives we find understand the evolution and use of one of the social media that has changed most our society and social networks.

SINCE 2009

Elogia has been cooperating with IAB Spain so as to be able to define the knowledge, the perception, the habits and preferences that social networks’ users have and the role they had in the 2.0 environment.

A research has been created in order to collect all the information of how key indicators evolve. These indicators’ information is needed to understand in a long-term period, and at the same time allows including or updating the monitored goals so as to give solutions to the sector and IAB’s needs.

Because it is an annual research we could highlight the different year’s objectives: in 2009 was to know the Social Networks’ role in Spain; in 2010 its evolution; in 2011 deepen in mobile and ecommerce’s role; in 2012 analyse new networks that had entered the market; in 2013 WhatsApp’s phenomenon and advertising’s role; in 2014 mobile devices’ use, and in 2015 and in the last, in 2016, the collaborative commerce.

Information’s collect is done through and online survey with an self-managed questionnaire (CAWI) made over panelists with national representation.

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The research has become the baseline study to know the penetration of social networks among the Spanish surfers, of profiles for each network or how these are being used. Its relevance has provoked its great impact in the media. But, primarily it is an invaluable tool to settle inbound strategies and to know better these networks’ users.