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+6000 analysed references

+32% increase in Twitter engagement

+30 detected improvement insights


The Institute for Ocular Microsurgery (IMO), is an international centre of reference in ophthalmology since more than 25 years ago.

It is placed in Barcelona, and is characterized because of their medical excellence, according to a report of the hospitals in the Top 10 made by the OCU in 2012. According to this report, IMO is the best eye clinic in Spain.


For IMO, we have done a consulting in social media with three essential pillars. The first one was to analyse the brand’s position and the best practices of social selling regarding their competitors.

The second one implied to identify the opportunities that social media add to a business like IMO, and to analyse their audiences’ behaviour and interests. The third and last one, implied to design a strategy and social media’s tactic plan matching IMO’s business goals with respect to the medial sector peculiarities and conditioning.

Do you want your company to become a successful case?


In Elogia, we not only analyse the brand and establish their strategy, but we design their advising plan recommended by our social team, which allows us to track the adopted strategy.

Our backing empowers IMO’s staff so as to allow them to implement the tactic plan and to guarantee the achievement of their business objectives.

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