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+1M sessions analysed

+48% web traffic

-92% site’s bounce rate

Saba Aparcamientos is a benchmark operator in parking management since 1966. It is present in 5 different countries: Spain, Italia, Chile, Portugal and Andorra; and has staffs formed by an average of 1,400 people. Saba already has in it DNA a commercial and technological reconversion.

The company, in its digital achievement, looks for a measurement of its web activity in mobiles in those countries where it is present. The aim is to unify the measurement in order to collect reliable and usable data, which allow knowing the current situation and an easy management of the information.


In the first stage: definition, implementation, development and measuring system integration. The system measures inside the corporate webs of the different countries (Spain, Italia and Chile) and the mobile apps.

Results’ periodic accompaniment allowed us to understand where we were and to make continuous improvements.

In the second stage: Adaptation and advanced configuration of the measuring system to the new brand’s ecommerce based on a searcher by geolocation. Apart from that, the company needs to develop control panels that allow having an agile information management. Monthly online activities’ analysis allows identifying content’s impact and conversion.

Do you want your company to become a successful case?

Analytic configuration of the company’s sites and its mobile apps, all included in dashboards, has allowed Saba to have reliable knowledge of users’ activity (both web and mobile). From this point on, structure and content has been optimized in order to improve surfing and to identify new opportunities.