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+8.12% CTR in Branding

+20% of ROAS in Buyers

+3.4% of CTR in Performance


In the last years, Merkal Calzados¸ has grown a lot and its model of shoe shops has been very well accepted, so the bid in 2012 was to open the shop online. The challenge for the eCommerce team of Merkal Calzados was to achieve online the same success that they were achieving offline. The trajectory of Merkal and Elogia as eCommerce partners starts with the site’s launch. Elogia becomes an extension of Merkal’s team to work on the online strategy.

The results in a few months foresaw the great success that Merkal’s ecommerce will be. During the first months, the site achieved more than 68,000 users per month as monthly average.


In Elogia, within these years we have worked Merkal’s eCommerce contents at design and usability level; we have worked campaigns with several orientations: traffic, branding, level, lead or sale. Specially, we like to talk about the Branding campaigns. Year after year we try new formats and this makes us improve.

Our proposal was focused on creating reach and visibility in order to gain fame, but also having the opportunity to lead traffic to the web and get sales.


Do you want your company to become a successful case?


Last year we began to work in membership’s drive campaigns and this is already our star channel. We have been having CPAs under €5 and we keep Premium channels of displays that continue giving us visibility, traffic and sales.

Without doubt, Merkal’s growth in its online trajectory is because it has known to adapt; it has bet for innovation without being afraid of mistakes; and it has been willing to try and risk. That is why it has obtained great successes. Having a highly competitive product and approaching its audience how new technologies require is the mix that makes Merkal Calzados to follow and upward trend in footwear industry.



increase in clicks in Facebook


of Global ROAS


increase in Gross Sales in comparators

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