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15% Conversion Rate




We launched the campaign #noalescaqueo on the occasion of the 2016th Davos Summit. After the summit different data were published, some of them were so outrageous like: The 1% is as rich as the rest of the population or that the richest 62 persons in the world have the same richness as the poorest 3.6 trillion people; among many others.

The campaign’s goal was to achieve 30,000 signatures in favour of a law against tax evasion. Although, the campaign has already exceeded the 100,000 signatures thanks to a highly segmented organisation.


We had clear that we had to potentiate through social networks, so as to users help us with content broadcasting in an organic way. We took advantage of the space given by the email format in order to explain the issues and to be able to give the users more information. We closed the circle with internet display; we bet for native ads and compatible holders like El Mundo Today, who for the occasion wrote a post full criticism and irony, which was spread through their channels.

We have tried campaign’s segmentation level to be compatible as possible, having hard worked interests’ segmentations overlapped with audiences. Furthermore, we constantly upgraded the cluster of users who have signed so as to not send them the campaign (something very important in this kind of campaigns to not create frustration in the user regarding the brand for future actions).

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In addition to the previous mentioned social kpis, through email format we obtained a CTR of more than the 4% and a ratio of signature conversion of more than the 35%.

Due to this organisation, we gain the needed visibility and a signature volume over the expected, with a conversion rate of the 13%, very high for this kind of organisation. In only a week, more than 18,000 people (the 60% of the initial target) signing against the tax evasion when Panama Papers were uncovered.



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