Turismo de Galicia ⊛ Digital marketing case studies by Elogia


Inbound & Outbound

+3200 new fans in 3 months

+45% in engagement

+500.000 users in Youtube


Turismo de Galicia wants to promote Galicia as a travel destination, arouse interest and attract visitors by broadcasting the natural, gastronomic and cultural resources from the Galician community; by augmenting visibility and increasing its fame as tourist destination.

From Elogia, we suggest a network’s upgrading in its communication adapted to the new digital era, in which travel sector is living, through: the creation of an own editorial line with brand images, videos, a natural and nearest tone (without leaving the propriety that requires an institution) and an immediate, personal and direct user’s service.

We decide to take advantage from the new situation of video consumption via smartphones and viralisation in networks as strength in the setting up of the strategy.


Travelers increasingly use their devices to explore, research and purchases related with trips. It is estimated that in 2020, the 90% of the whole Internet traffic will correspond to videos. Taking into account the new aspects in the current market, we decided to boost the video strategy with Youtube so as to achieve, in consumers, the remembrance of brand goal. The strategy had a reinforcement search campaign, with which one close the brand’s searches and terms directly related with the campaign’s content. It also had a programmatic part focused on the target.

Media campaign’s success lied in and exhaustive organisation with a high detailed segmentation and the implementation of new Youtube tools, like Brand Lift Survey, which allowed to control the brand’s impact overlapping and to increase its remember. To foster the fame part, we chose to use awareness formats.

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The 80% of the impacts were achieved via mobile devices, which represent the best way to reach travel consumers (as an Ipsos’ study in 2016 for Google says) with a scarce overlapping (16.2%) segmented in the market and shocking the user only in its favourite media.

In this way, Reach’s maximum possible spreading was achieved in the most efficient way. Those users that have seen the ad remember it better than the average 27%. Also, a 13%, confirms planning to visit Galicia after watching the ad.



increase of the ad’s remember


increase in considering Galicia as travel destination


of CTR in Search

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