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+170% social impacts

-35% Cost per Objective

-35% CPM Cost


Fira de Barcelona is an exhibition institution of Barcelona. It was formed in 1932, and every year organises and receives many shows and congresses of almost every branch of industry. Most of them are international, promoted to expose sector developments, exchange experiences between companies, exchange knowledge and business promotion.

Elogia has been cooperating with Fira Barcelona since 2010. At first, it started with a relationship only to give social communication support in of that shows, and during the last 6 years has been gradually consolidated until today when we are responsible of all the strategy and implementation of all media and social media plans of all the shows organised by them.


We had to be able to create communication and advertising campaigns for very specific professional targets, both at international and national level. The created campaigns have to make known the more than 40 annual shows, attract exhibitors and, of course, visitors.

The way to deal with this challenge has been through betting for team specialisation, in an implants’ combining full time devoted, and with the support of the operational areas: Social Media, SEM, Display, Email Marketing, SEO or Web Analytics. Furthermore, we had to cooperate, in partnership mode, with an independent agency to coordinate the offline media campaigns.

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The results from the different campaigns have been changing during the last 6 years of relationship. But if we focus in last year’s analysis, it provides really good improvement results of 2015 shows, in comparison with previous years.

With offline inclusion in integrated services’ management, global investment increases by a 207%. But there are more reasons, given that Social Media + Online Media investment increases by a 40%. Due to this campaigns’ impacts increase by more than a 200%.

If we focus purely in the online analysis, media CPM cuts down by a 35%, increasing by more than a 100% the volume of impacts and by a 170% social impacts.

Our ego is not only fed with impacts and cover, but campaign’s interaction has to be a valuable indicator if possible. To show it, in the last year we could observe that the campaign average CPC has cut down by a 56%, with a traffic growing of the 90% to the different campaign sites’, while the cost per social engagement is cut down by a 60%, even though the number of followers in social networks has been doubled.

To sum up, CPO (Cost per Objective), calculated on the basis of views + interactions + followers, has improved around a 35%.





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