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How to sell online

Why Elogia

Our commitment towards meeting goals and measuring results has driven us towards developing several new tools that optimize return of customer investment

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Elogia has more than a hundred professionals spread around the world, specialized in all different areas of online marketing.

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Attract incoming traffic

The first step of every sales process is a visit to your eCommerce site. Elogia places you wherever your potential visitors might be browsing or searching for your products. We even make an impact on specific target individuals according to your needs. Anything required to obtain the largest number of quality visitors at the best available price for your site.

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Generate Leads

In some Internet business models, it is crucial to tie users to your project by means of an email or other relevant information, so you can work with a database of mutual interests that you can turn into quality customers. We are experts in generating multiple landing pages for each campaign and work the best optimizations, not only costs per lead but also the best return of investment converting them to sales.

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Raise interest

In every sales process, we must tie user’s commitment by means of raising interest and attention. We can also achieve this by gaining visibility among our users through indirect searches, gaining an excellent online reputation, getting users’ recommendations, keeping active ways of communication with our customers and working hard to get quality registries.

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Create new buyers

This is the compass leading our way. In an eCommerce business, the key metric is turnover, and that is why it is a key feature to our campaigns to generate income. In Elogia, we even go beyond, analyzing long term value vs. cost of every buyer, watching his/her rate of sales return and churn rate.

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Fidelize your customers

The actual challenge of an eCommerce business is to gain recurrent sales from a customer. You should not only develop strategies for your customers to buy again from your site or recommend you to others, but also watch closely that your offers constantly fit into market demands.

marketing 4 ecommerce

Elogia is the first Spanish agency specialized in Marketing4eCommerce: online marketing campaigns made just for eCommerce businesses. Since 1999, as a 100% digital agency, we have helped to generate tens of thousands of millions of Euros for our customers.

Elogia works on a partnership relationship with customers, aiming to understand their business and marketing needs to provide solutions that meet their expectations. Actions taken always gear towards aforementioned goals: Attract incoming traffic, generate leads, raise interest or create new buyers.

Elogia always puts its biggest efforts into innovation and obtaining the best turnover. Innovation, because it is key to get ahead of your competitors and achieve the best possible income. Turnover, because of our compromise with strong campaign measurement that gets real results. These needs have been the engine that has driven us into developing new technological solutions that were not available in the market before. Is that we have our own proprietary platforms for serving, analysis and supervising of campaigns.

Elogia team consists of over one hundred professionals with specialized expertise in every online marketing branch, including SEM, SEO, Display Marketing, Social Ads, Affiliation, Social Media, Mobile Marketing and Marketing Intelligence. The agency has 3 corporate offices in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Vigo) and one in Mexico (Mexico D.F.).


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