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If you enter in any of our offices you will see all kind of people: geeks, cools, discrete, extravagant… It creates diversity, which fortifies us and allows us to add different approaches and fortitudes. All of them share something: talent, ability to look further and the willing to share along the team. Professionals worried to put themselves in the client’s shoes and anticipate their needs. In our project, we have people with R+D in their DNA, emotional and implied in challenges. They all have clear that “if you do not go wrong sometimes, means that you are not trying”. They know the keys in our sector: flexibility and agility. That is why we work in opened offices, because it opens up us to listen, share and give continued feedback. We are a team.

How are we?

  • We are curious, with enthusiasm to try new things. If we always do the same, we won’t obtain different results! We are nonconformist!
  • We make liable decisions, but brave.
  • We do not wait until things happen, act! Our mission is that our client achieves his maximum potential, so that is why we put in their shoes and we are proactive.
  • And last, but no less important… We believe in winning together, share. In the end, we worry for the team’s needs and each one of us gains the other’s trust through honesty, modesty and integrity.

Do you feel identified? Join the team!


Enjoy is taken serious

We bet for having fun at work and a good atmosphere. That is because we are surrounded by kind people. Sense of humour: essential!

We adapt to change

We show that we are very flexible, in order to quickly adapt to market needs or opportunities. We look for ad hoc solutions for each client.

We are nonconformist

If you always do things in the same way, results will always be the same. We look for alternatives. We are ambitious, if path does not exist, we create it.

We create talent

We generate opportunities to grow together. We bet for the talent pool. We empower people and foster team work. Effort and initiative have reward.

How is a day in Elogia?

  • We work, grow, learn and laugh all together, even of ourselves!
  • We have an open work environment, so that you can explore your ideas and continue developing.
  • We support your development and we will acknowledge your contribution, not your seniority. We empower the team.
  • We take advantage of our errors to learn of them.
  • We are a team, and we always act like one!
  • But above all, you have our confidence: in exchange we count with your commitment and responsibility 🙂


Are you interested in joining Elogia’s team?

Are not sure yet?

These are the benefits as Elogia employees:

Balancing an flexible hours

Flexible remuneration plan

Internal training programmes

Functional mobility and internal promotion

Geographical mobility

Free coffee and fruit at the office


Work with us

Are you interested in joining the Elogia’s team?

How we grow in Elogia

One of the most valued things of Elogia is their willing to listen each employee interests and needs..
In four years working in Elogia, I have lived in three different cities –Vigo, Mexico and Madrid– and when I have had interest in new areas I have found solutions and facilities to continue growing both, professional and personal.
Laura Morán
For me, Elogia and flexibility belong together.
I started my career in the office of Vigo, and in less than a year I had the opportunity to move to Madrid’s office, and after to Barcelona. Elogia gave me the opportunity to professionally believe at an exponential rate, and always gave me facilities to come home.
Eva Alonso
What I most value from Elogia is the capability to manage talent and their will to always promote the in-house team.
Despite I have been in the company for 8 years, I have never had time to get bored thanks to the new opportunities given. I started as Customer Services’ Assistant and currently I am a Paid Media Director. I changed my position and even my area in the agency.
Marta Sánchez

Elogia’s Offices

  • Barcelona. Zamora, 46-48. 3rd, 4ª 08005
  • Madrid. Alfonso XII, 62. 28014. Madrid Spaces, 2nd Floor
  • Vigo. Areal, 18, 3rd – Office 536201
  • CDMX. Homero, 418, 9th, 11560. Polanco

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